Celebrate love!

Okay, let me begin by telling you how incredibly strange our weather here has been. I live in the western coast of Canada, and winter should feel like spring in other parts of the country. Just a couple of days ago I went for a nice, long walk with my daughter, the air was crisp and the sun was shining. Until…a few days ago. Heavy snow up to 20 cm (and still going). Now, what’s a mom (with a toddler) to do??

On a good note, I finally finished setting up my Etsy shop account (only took me 2 years lol)! Yay me! All those times sitting in front of my computer and staring blankly really makes it worthwhile.

And with Valentine’s Day coming, I thought I would introduce my latest creation. I did make a similar headband for Valentine’s Day 2015 for my daughter to match with my sis-in-law, but it did not really turn out the way I wanted it. So, this time I’m going all out with glittery hearts (who doesn’t like glitters, right?).

You guys can check it out at my shop, as well as other items I have there. By the way, I am doing this V-day promo if you buy $30 or more before February 15th 2017, you’ll receive this glittery heart headband for FREE!

Check out the final result, and tell me what you think!




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