The bow tie effect

I remember it vividly when my now-2 year old-daughter was just born. Like most newborns, she had soft and wispy hair. If it weren’t for the pinkish tone outfits, every now and then people would stop me at the mall or during our walks to say “Aw, HE is so adorable!” or “HE looks just like you!” I remember I got upset because of the comments. Okay, perhaps with all the new mom hormones and lack of sleep, I did tend to get upset easily (yes, we all blame it on the hormones).


Until one day I decided to do something about it! The first thing I did was go to the mall to find headbands for my daughter. I noticed that the designs were not THAT nice, the quality were poor, and the thing that shocked me was how overpriced they were. Naturally, I ran out of the store and went to the craft store instead.

The first accessories I made were bow tie headbands made of felt. I used crafting felt, needle and thread, and a hot glue gun for my project.


You can either get them in rolls or sheets in any stores below.

As reference, I looked up on Google  on diy bows and headbands for kids. I found that even though there were some sites that included patterns, the instructions were not very clear as oppose to watching them on videos.

That was when I started looking on Youtube for videos on how to make hair accessories for kids. I did find some creative and interesting  ideas from Sugar Bee Crafts , a website dedicated to arts and crafts (among other things).

You can check out their video below on how to make a simple bow tie from felt.

I did change and modify the measurement and design, and I added a fold over elastic based on my daughter’s head circumference. Sizechart has detailed sizing for kids.

This has been my passion ever since and I enjoy every minute of making these accessories. The thought of turning this into a business opportunity came during the process. And the chance of helping out other new moms (especially) who do not care on spending more than $20 for 1 headband nor the time.

I managed to test out the market and even received orders from one of the supermarket chains in British Columbia!

The most enjoyable part is seeing the adorable and happy faces from my little customers (and their mommies of course). Here is the final result to this felt bow tie headband! I will include more of the accessories I have on my Instagram, and crafting dos and don’ts in the future. Now, back to chasing around my 2 year old, hopefully no stepping on lego blocks today (sigh)!





















2 thoughts on “The bow tie effect

  1. I love this! I currently don’t have any daughters, but hopefully in the future! The gender confusion goes both ways though lol. I remember one day sitting in Cracker Barrel when my son was just a couple of months old and a lady walked up, looked in the stroller, and commented “She’s so adorable!”

    He was wearing an entirely blue outfit with a matching blue toboggan. I normally don’t worry about what I dress him in because whether or not people think he’s a girl or boy isn’t my concern. However, in that moment I was completely dumbfounded. I still wonder how on earth she came to that conclusion. Lol.

    Anyways, the bows are super cute and I’ll definitely keep tabs on your page for now on. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to give you some business and learn a little from your craftiness.


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